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Mistress Adventure Series: I think I might have a Medical Fetish

In a world that dictates norms, it is a bit surprising to find usefulness in everyday objects. What does that mean to somebody who is alternatively sexual in nature? Sometimes looking outside, the box to solve a problem turns into a bit of sexual exploration.

In being with my boy I have discovered that the four-foot frame that carries me has some limitations when it comes to finding a rugby player of a guy to get kinky with. Basically, my little legs cannot straddle him when I'm on top and if I'm being honest, it's one of my favorite positions. So, we had to get creative.

Positions like reverse cowgirl with a small tilt in the hips allow for the same type of penetration you receive with the girl on top. But strangely a factor I truly like has eluded us, I enjoy watching this struggle on his face when I put him in predicaments however small.

He has a particular desire to feel immobilized, again a tricky feat when you're lifting pure mass that I call my mountain man. The usual bondage toys we find, or I already owned in my collection don't seem to fit any part of him. Everything seemed so small on this man. Sometimes our intimate lives have slowed and dwindled because of this.

Last week boy showed me some clips from online of this wonderfully devious woman that would put her boy in some of the situations mine longed for. So, his beautifully creative mind went to work and found some solutions which surprised me.

Now you think something like the medical field would be cold and not seen as terribly sexy. It seems to be a cold and sterile place. Well, I opened the door to a delivery the other day, and a long slender box almost 6 feet tall with a surprise inside was something that will enable us to pursue some other inspirational kinks. You might be curious now to know what was in the box. There was a piece of equipment in the box known as and aquatic spinal board. This piece of equipment is designed for water rescue, and you can see them at almost any swimming pool. What's nice even more than the fooling around we will achieve is one day when we live in the tropics it floats, which means more fun.

So why pervert a piece of medical equipment? Simply it is a narrow flat board that is fluid-resistant, and has numerous anchors points all the way around it to secure a body, and I'm thinking it could even be suspended as well. Seems to me like this is an ideal choice and I think I have discovered a new fetish.

Play time doors have been opened now so much more now with so many options from one position, he’s strapped to a board on his back, and I have my way. So may things can arise from this situation. I have only explored a few. Including nylon straps, head braces and pallet wrap, just to name a few. But with a few additions and more I want to explore. I think I can make it more tormenting than I have.

I’m thinking some TENS unit play and some definite queening on the horizons. But in all this, I get to take from him what I want from him, sexually, for my pleasure. Sex has new possibility and treasures yet still one thing that remains true, we both get what we need and want.

Can you imagine a sex life that suffers pleasure and happiness? I have seen it in so many times and felt it too. It’s a place I never want to experience again. Intimacy is such an important thing between two people. It brings them close and creates a bond. It’s the bonds that make us who we are. Weather that is friendships, partnerships, or anything more.

How do you create intimacy for yourself and your partner, talking is a great way, sex is another, exploring the world around you and enjoying what life has to offer. It can be as simple as putting your hand on their chest and breathing in sync. Intimacy starts and ends with knowing, accepting, and acknowledging your partner.

Yet how do I let the kinky side develop into this glorious idea that floats in my head. There are so many ideas and concepts I want to try. Sometimes I lack the knowledge, sometimes it’s the sex appeal that lacks for me both towards him and myself. I find the longer I am on this planet, the changes in my body and mind put me on a different path then some. What I have accomplished in life and how I want to end my days are two different things now instead of one driving force and yet both impact my ideas and drive for sex.

Will I be with my boy long term? Logically the answer is no. However I want that to be different, it won’t change because of who he is. So accepting what is in front of me means accepting sex in all its unique ways too. New ideas of toys and situations intrigue me, they always have. Boys like all toys come and go yet the sex drive continues.

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