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Mistress Adventure Series: Dating an Alpha Male That Is My Submissive

Oh, the fun that can be had by the equality that comes with an alpha male. Its amazing to know that in every way your man can fend for himself and do for himself. There is no fear that comes from “can we pay the bills”, or “is there food in the fridge?” There is no worry that if I was to fall ill that the bills wouldn’t get paid. Or maybe it’s the love of going out in public and he is the truest of gentleman. Ladies simp over the type of man he is, manners and charm, care and enthusiasm over his job and passions. I’ll add in he is very creative and can draw impeccable artworks. I look at him with wonder as he is exactly what I put out into the world I want. This is my thought but sometimes it’s hard for him to accept these kinds of words. Words are my passion, my art, as visual art, and drawing are his.

So how can he be this person and yet be submissive? Think of it this way, I have a jaded broken side of a circle, and his jaded broken bits of his circle match mine to form a whole circle that is our life. We feed each other's passions and have a great understanding that words are backed by actions. His actions speak more to me than the average bear and he continually shows his intentions are true and valid. I hope I do the same for him.

Yet with one stroke of my hand to signal a command and he drops to his knees and is mine to play with. My toy, the sweetest of boys and the man people see melts into a complete being of lust and sexual desire. He is just as eager to please and worship me as any submissive should be and it excites me to see this strong man so devoted to his Mistress.

Femdom is an often-twisted world. One of the things I do not value in a partner, nor does he, cuckolds, sissy boys, and all the trappings of a perceived relationship type. We don’t enjoy that at all. We are a very traditional leather Femdom couple. Yes, we live a female-led relationship, and we absolutely love all the vices of the kink world. If you ask what is on the sexual menu, it would be body worship, service care, bondage, rope and predicament bondage, tease /denial, and orgasm play are a few. Life is full and fun, and we are exploring and opening doors to more.

Dating a strong, assertive man is pleasurable, but be forewarned that the playful bratty one lurks just behind the lines of peaceful contentment and Domme bliss. My bratty boy comes to play if he’s been ignored for too long or not stressed in bondage ties. Yet I can’t complain, in seeing the bratty boy come out to play, it is a need of his for this playful wonder and showing some of his true colors he hides to be that alpha man. In the right times, he expresses himself with words and conversation like no one else has ever and a lot of the times it is met with a deep passion for his beliefs. Our conversations are quite often deep and meaningful and a great way to express our wants or needs and our goals.

Sex is just as bountiful too. Our sex drives are equally as high and match with a zest to always play. I am slowly adding more and more to the plate of what we do. Coming to terms with some things on the sexual front. He is rather well endowed and knows how to handle it, however, sometimes my insides feel all tenderness of post-leg day workout and I would never change what we do. I love that sore feeling that comes after as much as a submissive loves the marks. Also worth noting is that orgasms happen at different rates or narry a one in sight. Still working out the ins and out of what makes my toy work. It all equals a lot of fun and exploration and a mass quantity of orgasms for me. Although I do not place value on the expectation of orgasm. If it doesn’t happen it just doesn’t happen, it does not dimmish a boy’s value to his Mistress.

The value he places on behavior and conditioning is genuinely unmatched and that is a nod to the alpha. He wants to help and learn how I like things done and it shows. Making sure I have a drink or that dishes are put away in the right spot to how to organize my (our)house makes this an exceptionally valuable trait especially since alphas use it to their advantage in work and business. I value this trait instinctively not only as his Mistress but as a partner and business owner myself.

What makes us work well together is our willingness to be open in our discovery of our sexual desires. As I’ve discussed in previous articles, sex is only the enhancement and never is to be the driving force of our partnership. The kink, the dynamic, and the relationship style all trickle into everyday life, that will only grow and become more. The more things I try the more I want to explore, and it brings my devious side to light. But that is one of my main fetishes, his reactions. I live for them, his laugh, his gasp, his struggle, his brat…It gives me pleasure and joy to experience every one of them and I want to continue to explore and push him further. They are a driving force in all of it. I work in the sex industry, and I don’t allow this love with any client, so with my personal submissive/partner, I lavish in this. I also have a rare kink that I adore watching him with other girls. Either being involved in the scene or watching and directing. We have not got to the stage of hunting for play toys yet, but it is s big goal as I want all my kinks and fantasy to happen.

We also have the drive to want to grow our sexy kink presence. I run a Rope Dojo and he wants to see it blossom as much as I do. Only fans…he’s in. Photoshoots? Yes again. There is nothing in my crazy life that I have not been supported by. He wants to swim in my pool of life and enjoy all of it with me. He may stand beside me in life, but he will always be one step behind me or on his knees for me in kink and my Femdom world.

Dedicated to my treasure and inspiration. My boy B.

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