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Mistress Adventure Series: Date a Guy with The Really Cool Job

“Awe really? He does that for work?”

“You should keep him that’s cool”

“No Way, that makes you just as awesome.”

It’s amazing what people say when they hear that the guy I like and adore has a super unique job. A lot of people claim to be good at it, but few can carry that weight. The man I choose to care for and invite into my life, and the boy I choose to have kneel before me has that job. He’s good at his work and he has talent.

A lot of folks think talent is just natural, but my boy B, sure has proven different. He works to keep his skill and the beauty of his craft alive and always with that pen in hand. He’s an artist in his own right and should be seen as one. To be an artist takes work.

To me it is like magic, I can watch him for hours. He puts pen to tablet and from a blank page comes line after line. It’s like a magic wand in his hand to me. Magic comes from that pen and his eyes light with fire when he talks about his work. It’s a passion that is rare in people. I love every bit of it. When he sits on the floor so I can watch over his shoulder and watch his creation, his work take shape. My fingers playing with his hair and telling him briefly that I really like a line or shape. I live for that moment he lets me in his world.

But what people don’t see, is a man that gets paid for his art. The hours being at work, running a business, answering e-mails, posting to social media. Always more. There is not enough time in the day to live and work. We are gifted with only 24 hours and more often than not I see him trying to snatch most of them working.

I see a man start his day at 5 or 6 am, and often it is completing a drawing for work. Sometimes he gets to the gym before he slides into his studio at 10am to prep for a client. He works often until 6 or 7pm and comes home only to eat draw and repeat. Now imagine that 6 days a week some months and sometimes he gives up his day off for clients or friends. I see this going on 8 weeks and it takes a tole on him but on me too.

I would give anything to see him smile, to hear that delectable growl. Sadly, I give away my time and say its okay, this can’t be forever. I hunger for boy B in ways only a Mistress can. In ways I can’t quite describe and yet I give it all up to ease his burden just a bit in the moment because when you see him work to mental exhaustion 3 or 4 times a week, it breaks your heart.

“Keep him around, that’s so cool.”

“Is there a friends and family discount?”

“You have him so he can work on you, right?”

People expect, but they don’t see the man passed out on the floor or couch because he can’t haul himself to bed. They don’t see the passion and pride he has for the work he does. They don’t see the man that struggles to cook and eat right or fit time in to do laundry or play a computer game. They don’t see the frown when he is too tired or works until he’s sick. They just expect his time, talent, and skill.

I want the world to know the hours it takes to prep the art and get it just right for you. The time it takes to set up his workspace, the cleaning and care to maintain everything to keep clients safe. Or the endless hours of drawing and drafting to make sure each detail is right, just the way the client sees it in their mind. I want the world to know how hard this man works for you and what he has given up in life to have what he has. To achieve this job. He leaves a legacy of work for many to see. Thousands of hours or more spent in art and creation.

But what does it take from us. We are a 24/7 D/s couple, we live it, yet we must pause it when life looks like this. Do I miss it? Yes! However, I would not make a good Mistress if I failed in my job to look after my toy, my boy B. He needs all the care, but my turn will come, and he will be with the pretty girls I want in our bed for my thrills and pleasure. He will without a doubt bring “Yes, Mistress,” back to his lips for my amusement and joy. He will play my games and love them all the more when there is a break in this craziness, What I would give to see a balance of such things now.

“I never met a guy that does that. Will he work for free for you?”

“Can I meet him and get a good deal?”

“That’s amazing, but its not real work, is it?”

Date that guy, run with it because he is more then his job, more then his art. See the person behind that. See the silly humor, the movies and the music sing along. Find laughter in the randomness of moments. Survive Ikea together and hit that level up. Be his home base and his cheerleader so he can be yours. The job, the money and all the art in the world can not replace boy B.

Date a Tattoo Artist.

It’ll be fun and different. My boy B is the hardest working man I know and perhaps one day he will gift me with the treasure of his time and maybe if I earn it, a piece of art.


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