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Male Chastity: The Starting Out Guide

Male chastity is not new; the origins are a bit clouded in history. Still, the idea of orgasm control fascinates so many. When you start in chastity, it may seem daunting or it may be pure excitement. So many think you can just lock up a penis and that’s it, yet there is so much more to this journey.

The very first thing that needs to be considered is the chastity device itself. There are three basic classifications of male chastity devices.

The O Ring Chastity Cage:

This is a wonderful basic concept for a cage as it uses the testicles as an anchor point that an O ring is fitted around. There are a spacer and a cage. The spacer puts a small gap between the testicles and the locking point of the device.

What is nice about this design is that you can find it in lightweight surgical plastic, silicone, stainless steel, or carbon fiber. The cage will come in different lengths and patterns. The choice of materials is up to the wearer; however, I personally recommend a good stainless steel cage.

The Male Chastity Belt:

This is a belt, usually leather that runs from the device to the cage. Or, the other is a full shield design that covers the penis and testicles. This design is best for short term use or as an addition to a cage. The full shield can be difficult to maintain for bathroom duties.

A Chastity Piercing:

This is body modification and not to be entered into lightly as it takes time to heal and additional care afterward. It is recommended that you find a professional, certified, and licensed person or shop in your area. Based on your penis size and shape and foreskin, there are a few configurations for piercings.

There are two parts when starting down the male chastity path that will become very clear. As a newcomer, it’s hard not to want to dive right in; however, without doing a bit of work, you will only find frustration. Many men that think about chastity, it’s fantasy and sex-driven, which is never a bad place to start. It becomes an obsession, and that is where the chastity adventure begins.

The Physical Side:

Getting used to the device. For the first little while, you will want to start with short term wear. A play session or a night out is a great start. This will allow time to adjust spacers and rings. Once you have the most comfortable configuration, you can begin with overnight lockups. This could take a while to be able to concur this hurtle. Don’t give up. It will happen.

It is important to know that chafing, bruises, or tender spots might happen. If they do happen, refrain from using the device and allow healing to happen. It is perfectly normal.

It is also necessary to be clean in your device. Q-tips and pipe cleaners will be your best friends. You need to keep the penis as dry as possible. It's highly recommended that once a week at least, the device be removed for cleaning. It’s at this time the penis can be examined, cleaned, and cared for (sans orgasm, of course).

The last stage is to add days. Once you can get to two or three full days, you can push limits. The easy part is now done.

The Emotional Side:

Here is a word of caution; many ladies lose interest in the idea of chastity for their male at this point, as this is an emotional journey for the male. In society, we have conditioned (though I do not condone this) men to show little feeling or pack it all down, and the end game of sex for men is almost certainly orgasm with ejaculation.

When males start this journey, they will find they are going to experience emotions that they will need to process. The keyholder will need to be supportive yet firm during this stage of chastity training. To help in this, before you begin, discuss the length of time the male is to be locked up. Both parties need to be reasonable with time expectations. In the end, set a time for unlocking and stick to it.

The emotional side tends to be the failing point in a lot of chastity adventures. There are a few things you can do to help.

As the Female:

  • Be firm with the date of release.

  • Keep him focused on the end goal.

  • Allow and encourage him to be attentive to you.

  • Set small tasks that he can do.

  • Tease him often.

  • Listen to him and his concerns.

  • Allow him his feelings and DO NOT tease or humiliate him for them.

  • Praise him.

As the Male:

  • Be attentive.

  • Be romantic.

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about what you’re feeling.

  • Remember little things matter.

  • Now is the time to please her.

  • Talk about fantasy. It will give her ideas.

  • Leave the expectations at the door.

This is a journey for two people and it’s important to both find value in the experience. This is one of those kinks that fits the saying: "It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters."

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