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Review: Splash

The Splash by Tantus came to me as a very unexpected surprise. It was sent out to me because one of my reviews gave them some better insight. Now I don’t know if it was just mine or that they had the same comment from a few reviewers but, in any case, I was so happy to know that Tantus listened and made the changes to make a better product.  This is one of the main reasons that Tantus is my go-to company. They listen. This product was provided to me by Tantus for free, for an unbiased review.  The Size Matters: Diameter: 1.75"  Length: 6.5" The Pro Side: 100% Silicone Package is recyclable Dishwasher Safe Can be Boiled Body Safe Easy to clean Bleachable Textured Smooth and rough finishes Harness Compatible The Con Side: My Personal Experience: The Splash is one of those dildos that when I first saw it, I thought, you want me to fit that where? But in actuality, it's not that big at all.  It has quickly become my go-to dildo because of comfort. I am again one of those strange people that like realistic sizes and like shorter dildos. I hate when something pokes the back and touches my cervix. But that is just me. The Splash sits so comfortably inside me that, I don’t need to think and I become all about the pleasure.  No matter what position I tried with the Splash it was a win. On my back, front, and side. All were the best they can be. Even doggie style the Splash was a win. I love the feeling of fullness more than the feeling of motion. But the gentle texture of the Splash made the motion nice too.  With the Splash, it is so easy to achieve orgasm. It's just my favorite toy. It is for the time being a go-to toy that I find myself drawn too.  When used with a partner, it is possible to achieve a G-spot orgasm. The head of the splash has a great subtle curve and its bulbous enough to get a body-rocking orgasm with G-spot stimulation. So guys, if you have this toy, take some time to explore your lady. The moans will be your reward. A submissive Experience: I absolutely LOVE multi-use toys. The Splash hit’s a home run in the variations department. Not only can you hit the G-spot but the girth and curve of the Splash make it a win-win for P-spot stimulation.  My subs absolutely love the feel of the Splash, saying it is just the right size. They have mirrored my comments about comfort.  It was all moans and ejaculation for them. Boys will be boys that love their anal play.  The Splash also works amazing with both my harnesses. I have a strappy fully adjustable harness that can accommodate any size toy. The splash fits nicely in this harness and the base rests against my body. Nice and flat and awesome. I also have  Black Widow Connoisseur Harness from Tantus ( look for that review) and in its design, the dildo sits against you but with a leather piece between you and your body. The Splash works wonders in this harness.

My subs really loved the Splash with strap on harness play. The comments never varied.  The comfort made the Splash easy to enjoy the sensations and the two textured surface was a great feel. Miss Aayden's Final Note: The Splash by Tantus is my top of the top. I am so happy I was surprised with this toy. It really is the perfect toy for me. I almost wish I had more than one as this is the one I have been recommending to anyone that has been asking about dildos.  Comfort is a huge selling feature, for me and I think for a lot of first-time toy users. I love the design of the Splash as it is not a realistic shape. That makes it an easy sell with new toy users too as they don’t like things that are just like the real deal. Don’t underestimate this amazing gem. What looks innocent is really the cause of a great many orgasms.  Tantus really hit a winning design with the Splash. I’m greedy, so this toy stays in my personal toy bag. Most times in my night table drawer, forget the bag. Tantus came though with amazing staff and great attention to detail. You guys really make a girl ( and a great many guys) happy.

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