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Review: Nox The Night Dragon

Bad Dragon. The name alone puts images in your head.  Whether naughty or nice this site can meet all your fantasy needs. Ever wonder what a dragon’s penis looks like? Or how about a Triceratops? Look through Bad Dragons Collections to find out. What makes these guys unique is the fact that every single toy is custom made for you. Yes, I do mean every detail is a custom request. This alone made me smile. Let’s see what happens when Nox the Night Drake gets delivered. This product was provided to me by Bad Dragon for free, for an unbiased review.  The Size Matters: Dimensions (inches)    Small     Medium     Large    Extra Large The diameter of Head        1.50       1.75          2.30       3.00 The diameter of Shaft         1.80      2.10         2.80       3.65 Usable Length                5.75     7.00        8.75     11.25 Circumference of Head  4.50     5.60        7.25       9.00 Circumference of Shaft  5.50     6.50        8.50     11.00 Total Length                   6.75     8.25        10.25     13.25 The Pro Side:  100% Silicone Dishwasher Safe Can be Boiled Body Safe Textured Details Smooth Feel Options for a cum tube and suction cup base Flexible Bold Colors The Con Side: Does not come in a storable package My Personal Experience:  I am completely blown away with the Bad Dragon concept. In a good way of course. Being able to order fully customized toys for a toy collector like myself, is the best concept ever. Of course, this review has taken a bit longer as the many uses and ideas had to be put to the test. I ordered Nox the Night Drake in the Medium. Be prepared, I read the sizes but when it is in your hand, it’s a completely different story. The size may scare you. In fact, I was a little leery about even trying this when I saw the actual size. But, I was determined. I am in love with the texture of the silicone that Bad Dragon uses. It is truly a dream to touch. What makes silicone great is that is warmed up and cools down quickly. It is very temperature sensitive and warms to the body quickly.  I really like the smoothness of the silicone Bad Dragon uses. It's not tacky or sticky feeling at all. A big plus. I was impressed with the ridges on the underside of the Nox, They really tease that G-spot. Not enough to coax an orgasm out of me but it did feel great. Due to the size and shape of Nox, it was a bit challenging for solo play. It felt a bit like one woman twister. Fortunately, I chose the suction cup and the Nox works well on a chair. I have to say that I am seriously impressed with the suction cup base.  This toy was suctioned to a variety of surfaces ( flat painted wall, acrylic tub, tile, laminate) and was pulled on quite hard and the Nox held up and did not let go. Also important that there was no fussing in getting the suction to adhere. Just lightly push it on the surface and have fun. I have to say that the Nox worked and felt the best for me attached to my rocking chair. The second was in the shower. Remember everyone is different, have fun with your Bad Dragon there is so much fun to be hard.  Sorry guys this is not a toy that went to any anal play. Too big for me to use in that way. I know my limits. If you are into anal play and you like bigger toys, lube always lube and go slow. the Nox the night Drake may offer the challenge you are after. A submissive Experience:  There are two ways I used Nox the Night Drake. One was just the mental play. Often I would show my submissives what I would be using on them or tease them with the threat of using such a unique toy on them. This works well on subs that don’t do anal play or that are just beginning anal play. For the ones beginning anal play, I would switch out my Nox for a smaller toy while my sub is blindfolded. For the ones that it is just a threat, My Nox has a beautiful spot in my dungeon with easy sightlines for viewing. This makes teasing boys and girls with such a toy easy and fun. The second way to use this toy with a sub is to physically use it. Now the ones that did use this toy with are experienced anal players and it was required that they all were clean and had pre-played with smaller toys. Nox the Night Drake was a dream with these subs. They all loved the size and shape as I inserted Nox. The wonderful broad base means you don’t ever have to worry about losing Nox in the anal abyss. The base also gives a great platform for thrusting into your trussed up sub.

I was able to use my toy covers ( similar to a condom) with Nox. It was a bit of stretch near the base but I will tell you that you can use a barrier with these toys. A must if you have multiple partners. I do have a strap on harness that does accommodate my Nox and this worked well for this type of play. Although I do not recommend Nox if this is the sole means of use as very few harnesses will fit Nox. Also note that if you choose the suction cup base on the Nox this feature will not disappoint, well worth the addition. You can suction Nox to the floor, wall, chair, or bench and sit back and watch your sub be penetrated. I must admit that I am a bit of a voyeur and this was one of my favorite kinds of sessions and the orgasms that ensued were to die for. Miss Aayden's Final Note: Bad Dragon is now a new favorite.  The whole experience of working with the team is amazing. From order to delivery, the staff is amazingly friendly to deal with. Your treasure will arrive very discreetly. When you find yourself on the Bad Dragon website you will be a little overwhelmed. They do a great job with cartoons and the backstories of all their toys. You will see on the menu an adoption button.  Go there and you will see a list of pre-made toys in stock. These homeless critters of delight all want to find love and lust in your home. They are toys that might have a small imperfection, it may color, or a detail in the mold did not meet the high standards of Bad Dragon.  These wonderful little ( or not) beasts deserve a home too. Please note that the delivery time of adoptions is slightly quicker.

I was lost as to find the custom order, that is the one downside to Bad Dragons website. So here is the secret. Go to the adoptions menu. Once you are staring at the homeless critters you will see a red button on the left of the screen that says back to store. Click that and it will bring you to a menu of all the types of toys you can customize. It's like a secret gateway. It is the only real imperfection I can find in the process.  The options and colors will astound you I was really impressed with the level of detail that is in Nox the Night Drake.  So much so you need to take a little extra care in cleaning. Bad Dragon’s molding process is flawless and they do a really great job of cleaning the bottom. There is always some cutting that needs to be done in a silicone dildo creation and Bad Dragon nails it. Clean and pretty.  I ordered the suction cup base. I HIGHLY recommend this feature where possible. It just provides that much more function or at the very least more options. Best of all the suction cup base is very discreet, almost unassuming. But its there and it works. Without fail, I would and will highly recommend Bad Dragon for the little more adventurous or avid toy collector. Nox makes the grade to my toy bag. Look for more reviews to come from Bad Dragon and me, Miss Aayden.

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