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Keep The Passion Burning: 10 Sex Tips for Continued Passion

Some of the simplest things we can do to keep the passion in our relationship and to keep it going hard and strong is to keep dating our partner. Oftentimes living together or the stresses of life can have a big impact on how we look at the person that is supposed to hold us up and be our rock. How we choose to live our relationships directly reflects the attention we want to receive. Often, we express ourselves to our partners through simple acts rather than expressing ourselves in words.

It's never too late to introduce these key components back into our relationships. If you are in a new relationship and just starting out, put this in the back of your mind, and don't let these activities stop. All the next 10 little tips will keep a strong, healthy, connected relationship that will expand and grow.

Here are my top 10 best sex tips to keep the passion alive.

1. Sexy wet T-shirt contest. Find your cutest little white T-shirt and jump in the shower. It's a simple concept but the male population or male identifying population are very visual creatures and being visual is a great sexual turn-on. It will create intimacy, and passion that spark you crave with a simple white T-shirt in the shower. For a saucy twist,t you could always wear black lace panties or a black bra under the T-shirt.

2. Temperature play is always fun. It's time to pull the ice cubes from the freezer or that bowl of ice cream. Trail it over your partner's warm body and look for the responses, the goosebump,s and the tiny shivers that ensue. Follow it up with warm sensuous kisses over the cold areas It's sure to get the sounds you like.

3. Coconut oil, yes, the kind you can get in the grocery store. Oftentimes there is a stigma around sexual aids or sex toys. One of the things you can do is avoid that pressure with your partner if there was some hesitation. Coconut oil has been proven safe as lube as it doesn’t influence the natural pH balance of a woman’s internal ecosystem, and it is latex friendly. So, you can consider it as a lube for your intimate moments or that sensual massage and because it is food grade you can lick it off them.

4. Chewing gum is another great tool that a lot of people don't consider for sexy fun. Think of the cool minty kinds, not the hot cinnamon ones those are bad. The ingredients in the gum cool the saliva in your mouth and create a unique sensation when it is licked or kissed onto the skin. So, your partner can feel both the warming sensation of your mouth and the cooling sensation made by the gum. It is truly a unique way to mix sensations.

5. Use scent to your advantage. Intoxicating aromas drive our senses wild so use them to every advantage. Stop and think about your favorite scent it could be fresh cookies from the oven or fresh homemade bread baking when you walk past a bakery. How does that make you feel? So, think of a scent on your partner's body, it could be your favorite Cologne or your favorite perfume. What does its smell suggest? That romantic dinner at a restaurant or perhaps that's the scent they wear before they crawl into bed with you. Scent plays a big part in locking in memory in our minds so use it to every advantage when being with your partner.

6. Reading but more importantly reading erotic literature. That sexy scene drives your imagination to the brink and you want to re-enact it with your partner. That Imagination is key to your erotic adventures in life. So why not be inspired by other authors and read it aloud to your partner?

7. Flirting is a key component of too many interactions within your life. Often people don't realize that they're doing it. Think back to when you are first dating and you came with gifts or you grab their hand as you are walking down the street, maybe it was the way a smile crept across your face and we looked at them. How about brushing the hair from her face as you're talking? These are all very subtle forms of flirting that we need to create that connection with our partner. The secret is don't ever stop doing these things for each other because it's the little things that show care and show devotion.

8. A great aid to spice things up is a simple blindfold. Imagine not knowing what was going to come. Maybe it's a soft kiss, the trail of an ice cube down your body, or maybe it's a tickle against the skin of some soft facial hair. She drags her soft long hair down your body trailing down to what's between your legs or nails are drug across your skin leaving little red marks. The beauty of the surprise of the physical sensation is what makes masks a great addition to continuing the spice in the bedroom because you don't need to learn a new technique or come up with a new idea. It simply lets your brain reinvent and re-experience the tricks that already work with you and your partner. Blindfolds are a way to experience a sensation and add a heightened new level because you focus not on what is happening around you but on what is happening to your body.

9. You can use simple bondage. This could include the silky scarf from your top drawer or perhaps it was that tie he was wearing to work that day. The key to any of this is you keep it super simple, a memory if you're using that tie, he was wearing to restrain just imagine the next time he puts the tie around his neck. He'll be thinking of you and that moment you shared in the bedroom. Restraining a partner causes heightened sensations all over the body. It seems like common sense as you're reading it now but in the heat of passion, we can kind of forget common sense activities.

10. This next one is probably my favorite tip, trick, or tool that I possess and share with others. Think back to the first kiss between you. How did it linger? Did you feel their lips pressed against yours and the heat of the mouth? Maybe their tongue is just inside your lips. How long did that first kiss last? Chances are it was longer than you think because you were hungry for the connection and the passion that came from such a simple act. Kissing is a connective activity but when you've been together for a while stop being connective and it starts being routine. A kiss in parting ways or saying hello should be between 6 to 10 seconds long. Take a moment to reconnect. This simple act of being in the moment for a few seconds every time you’re with your partner will increase the romantic vibe, increase libido, and increase your passion. In short, kissing your partner at the moment and being present for a few seconds every time you do it will mean that there is more sex heading your way.

Sex and sexual intimacy are a big component of healthy enduring relationships. It's how we create that heat and passion and how we continue to keep it in our lives that is the foundation. Often one of the first things to fail in a relationship is intimacy and sexual activities. Sex should never be a tool or requirement in your relationships. However, sex needs to be an enhancement and fun. How you choose to create these moments with your partner and keep them alive speaks to how much you enjoy and value your partner in very intimate ways.

I see couples all the time where sex has been weaponized and only comes on birthdays or holidays. Sex becomes a chore something to be dreaded and not enjoyed. There are deeper meanings and issues behind these types of problems in a relationship and I highly encourage people experiencing these to reach out to a therapist or a couple’s counselor or even a relationship coach and get their relationship back on track. Sexual lifestyles like swinging or being kinky should always enhance how you work together with your partner. Even living alternative sexual lifestyles and including those concepts within your sex life can be a big win but you need to be healthy and work together as a team before considering adding in the extra pieces.

Using the tips and tricks I listed above are some of the ways that you can invite intimacy and connection back into your relationship or remain in your relationship for longer periods of time. A relationship and a partnership are hard work but if you value that connection and how you feel when it's good, you'll want to keep it good and make it great. Value for yourself and value for your partner is the most important things you can bring in and continue to work on and they are some of the easiest things to do. The one last tip I can suggest and will always suggest is to look in your partner's eyes steady you’re breathing and simply say, “you are worth my effort”.

If you enjoyed my writing, please consider adding a little heart or sharing where possible. Every share, every comment, and every interaction allows me to create more content that you love to read. Stay safe and have some fun today.

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