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Are Labels Effective? A Push for Anti-Label Culture.

May 13, 2019

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Jimmy Jane Afterglow Candle

September 18, 2018

I always love finding common products that have some great uses and the Afterglow candle by Jimmy Jane fit the bill. I am fortunate enough to have partners and friends in my life to explore with. However I do enjoy my single time and products that you can use multipal ways are amazing to me.


This product was provided to me by Little Shop of Pleasures for free, for an unbiased review.


The Size Matters:

12oz. (estimate)


The Pro Side:

Light Scent

Different Scents

Ceramic Container

Pour Spout

Tasteful Design

Recyclable Package


The Con Side:

Not FDA approved

Missing the Not Tested on Animals logo




My Personal Experience: This a beautiful little candle. The scent is noticeable yet light and very pleasing for relaxation. I absolutely am drawn to touch so this is a very excitable product to test. Afterglow feels amazing in its solid form, not greasy at all. In liquid form Afterglow is luxury to the skin. It felt a bit heavy on but nicely absorbed into the skin. End result, a little Afterglow goes along way.


This works so amazing for couples exploring sensual touch, massage or just exploring touch. Please beware that due to the ingredients there could be some staining on fabrics so always protect the important things like blankets and sheets.


What the Afterglow Candle is amazing for is personal care. Light it and have the scent fill you with peace while you are in the bath. And then after you are nice and relaxed you can use the melted oil for a moisturizer on your skin. It looks so beautiful in your décor as well.


A submissive Experience:  I have to admit the scent I chose is a little to girly for the males that I showed it too. They were not a fan but the great thing about Jimmy Jane Candles is they have a great range of scents from very earthy to light and fruity. However scent aside, the subs love the feel and connection that came from using Afterglow or maybe it was the touch.


Miss Aayden's Final Note:  Without a doubt, Jimmy Jane put a lot of effort into the Afterglow Candle and Little Shop of Pleasures carries all the scents so you can find the right one for you.


The packaging and the ingredients are all very high quality. You will be very impressed and inspired. If you are very active on the cruelty free then this is not a product for you as I could not verify that it was not tested on animals. The ingredients listed in the Afterglow candle for what I can track down are all cosmetic grade and ethically sourced.


Simply put that the Afterglow candle would make an excellent gift for your special person or for yourself. Afterglow is a compliment to my bath time ritual and should be for you too.




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