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May 13, 2019

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Review: We-Vibe Nova

August 17, 2017

The Nova by We-Vibe was recommend to me as a great toy for couples. That sparked my curiosity as it is a branch style vibrator. There are now extra parts like a cock ring or sleeve. So I was very curious as to how this could work as a very effective couples toy. So I began to play.


This product was provided to me by Little Shop of Pleasures for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 
Base diameter: 1.25
Base type: Handle
Circumference: 4.25 inches
Insertable Length: 4.75 inches
Length: 8.5 inches


The Pro Side: 
100% Silicone
Package is Recyclable
Package is Great for Storage
Comes with a USB magnet touch cable
Low Power Alert Light
100% Waterproof
Body Safe
Storage Pouch


The Con Side:
The USB cable is Magnetic and can dislodge ( though does the job well)



My Personal Experience:  Nova is a nice solid construction and I love a bit of weight to my toys as I can really feel them. That being said, it is a personal preference that I enjoys a solid weighted toy. Nova is also so soft the silicone is on point with this vibrator. Such brilliant colors too, if you're visual like me it’s a plus. 


The rumble of the Nova is deep and  for that reason I found it brought me to the edge but never over, again this is the zone I strive for in my own sexual adventures.


The finger or “bunny ears” has the real powerful vibrator in it and it is completely flexible so as you thrust the shaft inside a vagina you will not break contact with the clitoris. The slight curve of the shaft with the flared flat tip make it ideal for g-spot play. I found mine no problem and that usually a not so easy to do. It is because of Nova’s finger I was able to turn this over to a partner to use on me. Most boys get overly excited and just start gabbing away but, the finger stops that deep punching thrust exuberant boys tend to do. Nova was able to flex just right to push gently, yet firmly against my clitoris.


So in my book, Nova is a win for ladies in the bedroom or playroom.


A submissive Experience:  As I was looking at this with a fully exposed boy at my disposal, I was holding up and debating just how this could be used on boys. Turns out that I found two distinct ways to use Nova that had them wanting more.


The finger is curved in a c shape and as it flexible you can wrap it around it a penis shaft and once lubed, slide it up and down. What a great use. Imagine using your mouth on the head of the penis? My boys would have loved this if I was into sexual exploits with them and I didn’t have a personal sub handy to try it on. Personal subs are the only ones that receive any actual sexual contact from me ( much like a boyfriend).


The other use I found is because of the branch  it works well for a prostate massager. I know it's not the intended use but using the handle you can press against the prostate and the vibration hit’s the underneath of the scrotum. 


It was a home run of sorts for my boys so I am sure that men can find value in this toy as well.


Miss Aayden's Final Note:  Nova is officially one of my favourite toys. While I am not a fan of vibrators in general the flexible finger (branch) of the Nova make it a win. The ability to share it with a male partner, even with out anal play makes it a great night table stash and dash toy.


Nova is also compatible with the We-Vibe Connect app. You can download this app for free in Google Play and the Apple App Store. That being said, I find long range does not work well for the Nova but the app sure does come in handy when you're playing and want an easy quick change in vibration pattern.


Please remember, to always take care of your toys. Wonderful play toys like the Nova will last along time and should be considered an investment in your intimacy. As such, always wash and clean silicone toys with a gentle non abrasive soap or sex toy cleaner. Allow to air dry and then return to storage. Should the cord ever become damaged or lost, you can buy a replacement cord directly from We-Vibe.


Lastly, as much as I loved this toy, Nova does not have dual vibrators. It has a vibrator only in the branch, its just an FYI but, I was a bit disappointed in that.


If your looking to hold and touch the Nova you can head to Little Shop of Pleasures where you will find friendly, knowledgeable staff that can assist in any questions you have. But you can also find it online through their website. Little Shop of Pleasures is one of Calgary’s little gems, this is a store for the first time toy buyer right on up to the experienced sexual enthusiast. 


Nova is a great toy for beginners or experienced alike that sut want a quality piece to add to their collections. 




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