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Are Labels Effective? A Push for Anti-Label Culture.

May 13, 2019

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Review: The Cosmic G

April 20, 2017

The Cosmic G by Pleasure works peaked my interest for a few reasons. One was the shape. I have to say it looks like it’s a well thought out toy. The other reason I chose the Cosmic G was it's made of acrylic and this is the first time I have encountered this material. I am super excited to work with this and see if the Cosmic G is really out of this world.


This product was provided to me by Good Vibrations for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 
8 ½” x 1 ¼ ”


The Pro Side: 
100% Solid Acrylic
Package is Recyclable
Dishwasher safe
Packaging is informational 
Double Ended Design for Penetration 


The Con Side:
You can feel a seam ridge. Its super smooth and does not impact the use of the toy.




My Personal Experience: I am absolutely love the design of  the Cosmic G. Slender, smooth and real pretty to look at. This is my first experience with acrylic  and I like the sensations. The acrylic tends to warm and stay warm real well. I found cold did not work well for me but I really think that it is personal choice. 


One thing I truly found great was the dual end. One side has a great little curve, its great for hitting the g-spot or p-spot if you are using it on a partner. Do not use the Cosmic G for solo anal play as there is no flared base on it. The other end has a series of beads and that is a most interesting sensation for vaginal play. I do admit it felt slightly better when it was in someone else’s hands and being used on me. I was able to experience the sensations rather than pay attention to what I was doing. 


A submissive Experience:  I was lucky enough to use this with a partner or two. I know that the Cosmic G is a winner with p-spot stimulation. My male subs love the feel of the curved end. What I really like about the Cosmic G is that it is condom friendly. It make clean up a bit less messy.


The female subs had the same reaction as I did and loved both ends for penetration. I also found that using it while they are blindfolded and playing with the temperature it makes for a great little toys, tracing patterns on the body. And rolling it across the back. Heightening the feelings and intensifying the moment of penetration.


Miss Aayden's Final Note: I am so in love with the Cosmic G by Pleasure Works. Not only is the design so sleek but it likes like a piece of art.  I am totally a supporter of acrylic toys now. This material will now make its way into my toy collection and requests. The Cosmic G will surprise and please you this is a must have to anyone’s toy collection for something new or the toy box that is just starting.


I am now, just as ever before a pure supporter of Good Vibrations. Not only is this a company to be on the look out for but also they ship to Canada. Please explore their site as you will find it packed with information. They are super knowledgeable and the blog posts have so much insight. Good Vibrations also has some great articles on how to choose different products like dildos or vibrators. 

This is a company that works well to be tasteful, practical and body safe. You will find only the best products on theirs site and very helpful staff. I would highly recommend that you check them out.



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