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May 13, 2019

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Review: Fantasy Gag by Tantus

April 20, 2017

The Fantasy Gag by Tantus looked amazing, who wouldn’t enjoy a phallic shape in their mouth.  Not saying that I would or wouldn’t like such thing but I can say that I do enjoy doing to  beautiful sexual things to others. 


This product was provided to me by Tantus for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 

Diameter: 1.7" x 1.5" 
Insertable Length: 2.7"


The Pro Side: 
100% Silicone
Package is recyclable
Dishwasher Safe
Can be Boiled
Body Safe
Easy to clean
Removable Strap for Cleaning


The Con Side:
The Strap is rather big or large
Short length of Velcro




My Personal Experience: Well I can’t say that I enjoy wearing gags, I did try it on. I found it large in my mouth holding it wide open but not wide enough to hurt. I can also say that it goes in the mouth fairly deep. I found the strap too big. This can easily be remedied by adding more Velcro. I do adore the feel of Tantus silicone and their attention to detail. There are no seams or bubbles and it as always is very nicely finished. 


Now on to observations, I loved seeing my sub wear this gag. The Fantasy gag plays into a bit of humiliation play with male subs as it has a phallic shape. I happen to like watching the struggle on their face and they decide whether it’s a love or hate thing they having going on with the Fantasy Gag in their mouth.


A submissive Experience: My submissive was kind enough to open up and give his thoughts on this wonderfully, sinful device. He absolutely loved how it fit. It was a deep and big enough gag. The Fantasy Gag  produced full feeling in his mouth, not enough to choke but enough to know its there. This made his experience pretty good for him. 


I did place the gag in in a reversed position and  was told he found it uncomfortable and not as thrilling. I am not sure it would make a difference to many but I thought I would point it out. All in all, my sub loved this gag. 


Miss Aayden's Final Note: Tantus is known for their quality, buying any of their products is an investment in yourself and your sexuality. The silicone is soft and silky and they are all finished beautifully.  Tantus ensures quality and customer experience is top of the list so you will get your monies worth in buying the Fantasy Gag.


Between myself and my submissives the Fantasy Gag is one for the keep pile. I love how easy this toy is to clean as the straps are removable so I can thoroughly scrub and sanitize the gag. I absolutely adore the respect Tantus puts into their packaging and the quality of they actual product they design and produce.


Shipping and customer service is amazing as well, You won’t go wrong when you choose to shop with Tantus.




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