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Are Labels Effective? A Push for Anti-Label Culture.

May 13, 2019

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Review: Punishment's Blindfold

August 10, 2016

It’s surprising how we can overlook something so simple as a blindfold. Yet it's amazing on so many levels. It heightens intimacy and excites the bedroom adventures. Oh the things you feel when you can’t see what is coming.


This product was provided to me by Little Shop of Pleasures for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 

It's a blindfold

The Pro Side: 
Real Suede
Vibrant Color
Sturdy Construction
Fits Multiple Sizes
Gender Neutral
No Packaging


The Con Side:
You can see out a small gap around the nose but you have to work at it.




My Personal Experience: I absolutely love, love, love The feel and smell of the Punishments Blindfold. I am so addicted to leather and suede, The smell and feel are intoxicating to me. So this became my sleep mask for a week.  I was surprised at how comfortable this mask is to wear. it’s a very plush feel despite being suede.  The Punishments Blindfold has an elastic back so there are no nasty buckles to sleep on. 


It was one of those amazing experiences as it was comfortable enough to wake up rested. 


A submissive Experience:  This is the fun part of any of my reviews. Since using the Punishment Blindfold is more of a two person sex aid, it just means more fun. I was able to try the blindfold on various subs and of course no two people are really alike ( twins aside). The Punishments Blindfold fits any head shape and the elastic is a great texture. I work well with people of all hair types or even little to no hair. 


I happen to like the construction of the Punishment Blindfold as it lends itself well to any sexual positions or those of a kinky nature. As you can rest your head on or against any surface. 


All my subs said over and over again how much they liked the Punishment Blindfold and that it was the most comfortable one I had. Although they all pointed out a small flaw in that you could see out the bottom. They said that it took them to really work and twist to see what I was doing as soon just gave up as experiencing the sensation we more pleasurable.


I however found one a to exploit this flaw and that was to walk real close to them. They could look down and see my shoes or boots. A posture collar or dark room also solves this issue so it became a non issue for me.


All in all my subs agree this little beauty of a blindfold need to be a keeper.


Miss Aayden's Final Note:  You would be amazed at how versatile a simple blindfold can be such a wonderful part of your bedroom play and relaxation. A blindfold should be part of your sex toy collection. If you’re an experienced player then I encourage you to check out the Punishment Blindfold as an addition to your collection.


If you are new to sex toys I highly recommend you venture into the kinkier side of your adult store and check out some amazing blindfolds like the Punishment Blindfold. You would  never know it if a person was to glance at it in your nightstand or in a drawer that it is part of a BDSM line of toys. I also like that once you remove the price tag there is no names or labels to mark it as a sex toy at all.

The Punishment Blindfold has a strap that is held on by some great silver rivets and there has been great care in manufacturing the blindfold so that they do not come into  contact with the skin against the face. Kudos for such detail.


Now I really need to thank Don, one of the owners of Little Shop of Pleasures for pointing out and suggesting the Punishment Blindfold. Don is unique in his light hearted good nature when it comes to sexuality. Just as we were talking about this blindfold I could see his eyes light up with all the devious and fun ideas coming to his mind. Don’s admiration of sex, romance and the people that matter to him ( his partner, staff and friends ) shines when you walk in a store that makes everyone feel welcome. Little Shop of Pleasures has got some great knowledgeable staff and owners and should be a highlighted stop of yours when you are seeking to expand your sexual adventures.




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