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Are Labels Effective? A Push for Anti-Label Culture.

May 13, 2019

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Sex Moves to Scare the Cat

Chris and Don are on the radio! Listen live July 26th at 9:00pm Mountain Time to GTFO Radio’s YES Mistress, hosted by Pro Domme Miss Aayden.


This episode is titled 5 Sex Moves to Scare the Cat, and will feature Chris and Don discussing some of their more spicy sex tips for couples looking to try something new.


Be sure to take a look at Miss Aayden’s website for information on our amazing host.


For a little taste of what to expect on the show, check out Chris and Don’s blog post on the topic below, which includes three of the titular cat-scaring sex moves.



BY CHRIS NELSON AND DON WILHELM- Owners of Little Shop of Pleasures

This blog post is for those of you who like to push past the ordinary. To bypass the street hockey game and go straight to the Stanley cup!


These sex moves require an adventurous spirit, an open mind, perseverance and trust with your partner.


These sex moves are noisy, perhaps a little risky, are an investment in time and (hopefully) a little messy.


The first sex move to scare the cat we’re going to talk about is E. S. O. (Extended Sexual Orgasm).

E.S.O. is the art and mastery of giving pleasure to the brink of orgasm, and not pushing to climax but rather hovering in the zone just before climax. This is an art form so one must practice regularly to maintain their skill.


It’s all about learning how to stop, and when to step on the orgasm brake. For example, on a scale of one to ten, 1 meaning no excitement and 10 meaning orgasm, the time to stop is somewhere between 8 and 9. This point is a threshold that once crossed most men will proceed to mindlessly orgasm.


This threshold is different for each person and can change day-to-day.


The first step of E.S.O. is learning to recognize where your threshold is. The next step is to have the will to stop and the confidence that you will get back to the excitement level again and again and again. Both techniques require practice and patience. An excellent aid for this for couples is the “squeeze my finger” technique, the person giving pleasure holds the hand of the person receiving pleasure. The tighter they squeeze the closer they are to orgasm. This technique is most effective when coupled with a sound, such as a particular type of moan or sucking air through your teeth. The hand squeezing is direct feedback as to what really stimulates your partner, where the sound can be used as a siren warning for the rapidly approaching orgasm, meaning “stop, stop right now… omg please stop”. A side note, the holding hands technique works great for couples during sex to coordinate simultaneous sexual detonation- this is one more reason E.S.O. is awesome for your sex life. The final step comes after you have learned where your threshold is, and have cultivated an iron will to stop. This is where the wild fun can begin as you try to push yourself closer to orgasm. Advance players can literally start coming, falling over the orgasm cliff and claw their way back up.


Women experience all the same benefits as men do with E.S.O., developing self control, knowing their body and pleasure threshold. Women also benefit emotionally feeling loved, desired, and connected with their lover. Oxytocin is healing for women and E.S.O .is all about endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, and oxytocin. The longer you are in the E.S.O. zone the longer your body is releasing this passion cocktail. Improved health may not be your primary motivation for E.S.O. but it is definitely a positive benefit. Some women find it easier to ejaculate (squirt) after being in the E.S.O. zone.


Our next sex move to scare the cat is forced orgasms. This type of play gets really intense where the line between pleasure and pain is blurred. Some people consider this to be a (mild) form of s/m play. Your world is turned upside down and inside out. This is a great physical workout and there is a lot of vocal expression. Forced orgasms are not for everyone. Many women can’t or don’t want to explore what could happen beyond the pain from a sensitised clitoris. For those bold few who surf the pain and catch the next wave of pleasure, this orgasm explodes with fierce intensity a 12 out of 10 orgasm.


One of the critical components to forced orgasm play is TRUST.


Forced orgasm play can be an excellent means to build trust it can also be an excellent way to destroy trust.


She is trusting him to push her beyond what she would normally like to do and at the same time trust he will know when to stop and that she is safe.


He is trusting that she is allowing him to push her beyond her limits and not be angry afterwards. This is why careful negotiation before you start is extremely important.


A few of Don’s Tips:

  • Most people need to be restrained, either tied or held down.

  • Know the difference between “oh please stop” and “fucking stop right fucking now you fucker!” To this end negotiate BEFOREHAND that she is going to be pushed “a little bit” farther than she may want to go. The optimum word here is a little bit. This gives the illusion of being forced while maintaining the trust you have the good judgement to stop when she needs you too.

  • One option is to negotiate how many orgasms she will have before giving her back full control.

  • If she is squirting copious amounts, stop and hydrate.


Our third “sex move to scare the cat” is spanking. Just as with forced orgasm play, TRUST is paramount and good communication vital. First, throw away all your preconceived ideas about spanking as punishment. Here it is a means to explore pleasure with intense sensation for fun and passion.


You can spank in various positions and scenarios from over the knee “been a little naughty “, to bend over and touch your toes, to face down on the bed. Typically we start off lightly with a slow rhythm well below the threshold of pain. Gradually increase intensity paying close attention to to their body and their vocal expressions. You are looking for the threshold when pleasure becomes pain. This is the area of exploration and let us tell you why! Every time they are pushed into the pain zone endorphins, serotonin, and adrenaline are released. Easing up on the intensity of the strokes for a bit and then working your way back up again changes where the threshold of pleasure and pain was, increasing the tolerance or changing the neural messages to pleasure.


Endorphins and serotonin will gradually build up in the blood stream, creating a high or “flying” sensation, as some people in the s/m scene call it. Just as with forced orgasm play you need to know the difference between “ouch hmmmm mmmm” and “ouch fuck off and die!” Trust is key here too! Spanking can be fun play for both parties. We have discussed how the spankee receives pleasure, can you imagine his fun it is to watch your sexy partner squirming around, squealing with delight or surprise turning into moans of pleasure?


Another fun technique is to alternate between digitally stimulating your partner and spanking. Using your fingers to stimulate them close to orgasm then using spanking to bring them back down or prevent them from going over the edge.


Also it is worth mentioning that it is generally accepted there are two types of pain experienced during impact play. Thuddy and stingy. Thuddy is what you might feel if you were being spanked with a fur mitt- pressure, but no sting. Stingy is the sensation you might get from a cane or hairbrush- a much sharper sensation more akin to a pin prick. Try experimenting with both types. Remember, the goal is to explore new avenues of pleasure, and being able to trust your partner and lose yourself in the euphoria of pleasure and pain.


May the O’s be with you, and stay frisky my friends.

— Chris & Don



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