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Are Labels Effective? A Push for Anti-Label Culture.

May 13, 2019

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Top 10 Free Sex Tips

GTFO Radio Presents YES Mistress, Chris and Don’s Top 10 Free Sex Tips.


Chris and Don are on the radio! Listen live May 31st at 9:00pm Mountain Time to GTFO Radio’s YES Mistress, hosted by pro domme Miss Aayden. This episode is titled Top 10 Free Sex Tips, and will feature Chris and Don chatting about one of their many passions- helping couples connect on a budget!


Be sure to take a look at Miss Aayden’s website for a little more information on our amazing host.


For a little taste of what to expect on the show, check out Chris and Don’s first collaborative blog post on the topic…


Frequently people who shop in our stores are looking for ideas that they could use to spice things up in bed. The key to keeping your sex life fun, alive, and passionate is novelty; trying something new is the spice of life. As Don says “smooth sex moves don’t have to cost a fortune.” Over the years Don and I have heard and come up with a few innovative ideas, and for the occasion we’ve put our heads together to pick our 10 best free sex tips.


Some of these ideas you may have heard before, but hopefully a few of them are new and enticing. And since they’re free they’re worth a try!





Go in the closet and find old thin white T-shirt. Could be his, could be yours, doesn’t matter- what’s important is that it’s very thin. Next, wait until he is having a shower, quickly change into the old t-shirt nothing else. Offer to wash those hard-to-reach places and step in front of the shower nozzle allowing the water to run down the front of your shirt. Watch the smile slowly cross his face and his eyes light up with desire.



We need to mention a few words about science. The nerves in your skin that detect heat and cold do not actually detect temperature, but instead detect changes in temperature. For example, if you touch an object that’s room temperature you will hardly feel any sensation, but if you touching object that’s -10 you feel a very strong sensation.  This works with kissing and oral sex as well.  If your mouth is much colder than his penis he will get a much stronger sensation.  This can easily be accomplished by holding a small ice cube in your cheek and bringing it out and putting it back to vary the sensations. We could spend a long time talking about temperature variations and sex from cooling metal dildos to warming your hands before a hand job, but the ice in the cheek trick is an easy and free method for accomplishing this.



Oh the joys of coconut oil.  It’s good for more than just cooking, you know.  Coconut oil warms quickly in your hand and has a mild flavour of coconut (although if flavour isn’t your thing, some brands are flavourless).  When warm, this oil has the same consistency as silicone lubricant- very viscous and slick.  Coconut oil can be used for massage, and some people even use it as lubricant for vaginal or anal sex. We like to let people know that the jury is still out on whether coconut oil is safe to use vaginally. There have been no long-term studies on the subject, but some doctors state that the naturally occurring components within coconut oil can help ward off infections and promote vaginal health. Chris herself has used coconut oil as a lubricant and has had only positive experiences. We do caution to do a little research yourself and decide what’s best for you. Regardless, coconut oil makes for amazing massages. Whether you slide a little across his lips and nibble it off, or grease his shaft for a crazy good hand job, coconut oil can be your new best friend!



One of the easiest and least expensive tricks is a strong peppermint or spearmint gum chewed right before cunnilingus. This can produce a pleasing cooling sensation that can be accentuated by gentle blowing. The stronger the gum the better, and it should be chewed no more than one minute before cunnilingus begins. Couple this trick with the ice idea and get set to blow her mind.



The nose knows! Our sense of smell goes directly into the brain and into our pleasure and emotion centres.  A woman’s sense of smell is more acute than her male counterpart’s.  If you don’t know by now which cologne makes her knees go weak then you need to take her to the mall and go scent shopping.  Let’s say you do know what cologne drives her wild, where you put it can be equally as important.  Be sure to give a few squirts where her head falls when you hug, place a squirt on the top of your head for when you snuggle into her breasts, and also a squirt just below your belly button to entice her kisses south-bound. For the ladies, a little squirt of perfume on your chest for those intimate snuggles or a little near the neck line for his sexy teasing kisses will go a long way. There is nothing more powerful than our sense of smell. Use it wisely.  



One thing that guys need to understand about their women is that they need to engage her brain in order to engage her sex drive. An easy way to do this is with erotica, or as we like to call it, “cliterature”. The Fifty Shades of Grey series is an excellent romance novel with lots of sex as well as touches of S&M. There are also thousands of stories online, some of which we are confident will get her engine revving. Another amazing way to do this is to write your own erotica based on your own fantasies. This serves two purposes in one: getting the juices flowing and expanding your own erotic horizons. More importantly, exchanging stories gives your lover an insight into what really turns you on and can improve your sexual relationship enormously. These stories should not necessarily be scrips for sexual encounters (although they can be), but it can be great to take elements of the story and incorporate into your sexual activity. This can be a much less embarrassing and uncomfortable way to share your innermost sexual desires.


7 – FLIRT!

Flirting and teasing… the dance of desire.  Familiarity can suck the passion out of your sex life. Most couples will stop teasing and flirting after they’ve been together for a while, not understanding that this is really important to staying connected and feeling sexy.  Think back to when you first started dating… did she give you that coy, smouldering sexpot look? Did he always seem to wear shirts that emphasized his chest or arms? Did her finger linger a little longer on her lips as she licked the icing off her fingers? Did he grab your ass on a crowded elevator? You know what to do… couples who flirt and tease a little everyday have very satisfying sex lives. Forward….. flirt!!



Blindfolds can be a hell of a lot of fun, even though it may feel a little kinky (at least the first time!). The popular notion that when you take away one sense the others are heightened is true.

The basic idea of good sex is to bring your senses to a heightened state of arousal, and this is exactly what a blindfold is good for. Once the blindfold is in place the mind games can begin. With a few random items from the kitchen that make noise one can build the sense of anticipation interspersed with tiny touches of fear of the unknown. The surprising touch of a feather on the ear, ice cube touched to the top of the foot, or a dirty story whispered into the ear can all become highly erotic when your partner is unable to see. Even a moment of complete silence can serve to get the neurotransmitters firing, and by the time you’re ready for the sex to start your nervous system is three quarters of the way there already. If you don’t have a sleep mask handy, try folding a pillowcase into a long strip and tying it behind your lovers head.



Bondage is another great way to spice things up with hardly any cost at all. Although the technicality and safety may seem intimidating , doing a bit of research on the internet can give you more than enough information to safely tie your partner wrists and ankles to the bed at minimal cost. The great thing about bondage that may not occur to many people is that when you’re tied it is impossible for you to reciprocate, and you become the focus of all the attention. Being bound also introduces a small element of fear or uncertainty, and after the person is safely untied it can help strengthen a relationship by improving trust.



Ban any and all activities that some suck the passion from your lives.  Make every kiss count. Ban The Peck and Reconnect! This has been a personal campaign for us, sharing how this one little kiss can have a serious impact on the sizzle and shazam in your sex life, and how adding a few more seconds to each kiss ignite sparks and breaths life into a dulling relationship. So instead of a little peck on the cheek as you head out the door, kiss them like you mean it! A few more seconds of intimate touch may not seem like much, but the impact it can have on your relationship could be huge.




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