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May 13, 2019

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Review: Prostate Play

November 28, 2015

I would like to introduce Prostate Play by Tantus. This is not going to be my usual review as this is a toy designed for men. Fortunately I have a wonderful sub that is very deserving of helping me in doing this review.  His ideas and thoughts are well received by myself and this is purely my writing and my reward for this boy.


This product was provided to me by Tantus for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 
Length: 4”
Width: 1.1”


The Pro Side: 
100% Silicone
Package is recyclable
Dishwasher Safe
Can be Boiled
Body Safe
Easy to clean
Bulbous head to target the P-spot
Flared base
Sits comfortably between the cheeks
Perineum Massaging Tip
Removable 3 speed Bullet


The Con Side:
There was a “new car” chemical smell
Bullet Vibe sticks out so difficult for sitting



My Personal Experience: I lack the gender to complete a full review I write this mostly through the intense questions and visuals ( audio too) supplied by my submissive. This however is my personal thoughts so I will speak to the quality of the Prostate Play. Upon opening the Prostate Play as with most of Tantus’ toys I was greeted silky softness. I love the formulation of Tantus’ silicone. There were no seams, bubble or imperfections.  The spot to insert the bullet vibe is ridged so its easier then other toys to remove the bullet for complete sanitation. 


It was when the bullet was pulled out that the ‘new car’ smell came to my nose. My sub and I reasoned that as soon as it is washed  the smell will go as there is not this issue with any of the other Tantus toys and may just be the packaging.


To this point another Tantus toy for the win. Its at this point that I turned the Prostate Play over to the deserving boy. The next section records his trials and outcomes. Enjoy!


A submissive Experience:  The Prostate Play is a unique design. It has some subtle ridges on it and the bulbous head is quite flexible. These to features mean this is a great training toy. Yes I said training toy, because this toy is one that needs to be in every toy box. Its great for the newbie anal player  and its great to amp up your anal playing pleasures.


It’s a really great feature that the 3 speed bullet is removable making the Prostate Play wearable in a semi long term. Without the bullet in place you can sit comfortably, and sleep. The bullet is a great add on for creating sensations when testing the waters in playing with your prostate. Like the prostates counterpart the female G-spot, the prostate does not always seem a pleasurable spot. It takes sometime to understand how it works in each male. 


Being a Pro Domme, I understand how to work the prostate to get it to release seminal fluid. I find one of two methods work, one is a gentle touch or vibration, the second is pressure.


It is fair to note that not all bodies are the same and therefore the prostate is not always in the same spot. It maybe higher or lower. So the Prostate Play is a one size fits most BUT, you can accommodate by pushing on or pulling the base away from the body to hit your prostate. 


Miss Aayden's Final Note: I have to say I was super impressed with the Prostate Play. I chose this toy for a boy that is super critical of things ( it’s not a bad thing, it keeps things real and head out of the clouds.) His response was “that he wished he had the courage to buy a toy like this when he started and that if you are considering a toy this is a great training toy.” These simple words are very high praise.


Tantus always comes through with tasteful packaging and quality toys. Without a doubt, Tantus is worth the extra money. Invest in quality toys and you will have them for a lifetime of play. You may also want to check out their blog, I have read some very good articles. Recommended to anyone that wants to amp up their sex life. Customer service is also a bonus, Tantus is on the ball with their service and everyone is super nice to deal with. 


The Prostate Play has been added to my personal toy bag as a certain sub really likes it and that means this toy needs to stay put. Way to go Tantus!

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