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Are Labels Effective? A Push for Anti-Label Culture.

May 13, 2019

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Review: Nona by Electrastim

October 6, 2015

The Nona from Electrastim piqued my interest. Its not often you find electrical sex toys that are silicone. Silicone is a insulator so I was very curious as to how this little curiosity worked. Not only is this little jem sleek looking but its luxury feeling is like candy in the hands.
This product was provided to me by Electrastim for free, for an unbiased review. 
The Size Matters: 
Insertable Length: 90mm
Diameter: 35mm
Circumference: 110mm
Connector: 2mm - bi polar
The Pro Side
100% Silicone
Package is recyclable
Body Safe
Great Shape
Flared Base
G- spot intended
P-spot workable
Nicely weighted 
Discreet connection point
The Con Side:
Seam in the silicone ( although it’s small and cleanly done)




My Personal Experience:  I am quite pleased with not only the discreet delivery but the packaging too. There is very little chance that your Nona would arrived damaged. I have never seen a product packaged with such care. The box design is also tops. It leaves nothing to the imagination but I am always impressed when any company takes the time and care to present their product in such a tasteful way. 


It is important to note a few things before you play with electricity. Never use electric toys or toys that conduct current if you have implants or pace maker. It is also not wise to use these toys if you have a heart condition. Never use conductive toys near the heart. Always ask a trained professional or attend a workshop, to learn how to use these toys safely. Electricity will always take the path of least resistance.


The Nona feels great in your hand there is a bit of weight to this demure little toy. It is designed to put just the right amount of pressure on the G-spot and does just that.  Nona is great just by itself. With a gentle rocking motion you can coax that orgasm out of a G-spot. Even a stubborn one like mine. 


My personal power box that I use is an older 4 channel ( four attachment cords) that can be controlled individually. Its an older box that was intended for physiotherapy. I was lucky enough that my personal box has a 2mm pin connector. In the base of the Nona are two small holes. Place the positive and negative lead into the base and connect to your box.


ALWAYS make sure you connect the negative lead as that is your grounding wire. Alao it is advised to use a water based lube with your Nona. Water is a conductive medium.


I found the Nona to provide intense stimulation. It can also be very mild. Remember how I mentioned how not to use electrical toys with implants. Well turns out, an IUD ( the copper kind) conducts. It was unexpected but not unpleasant. With your power box you can get every thing from a gentle tingle or pulse right on through to a great zap. I was thrilled with Electrastim’s Nona.
A submissive Experience: Where as  I can not use a condom or toy cover as these are insulators, the Nona was tested with my personal partner. Cleaning is easy but, you need be careful not to get water in the holes for the electrodes. As I did not want to cut into a great toy and ruin the fun, I suggest you err on the side of caution as I did.  


I have to say that he enjoyed the sensation. Playing on the p-spot . The Nona was a bit too short to hit the exact spot but the sensations were great. Pleasurably teasing yet not enough to provoke an orgasm. Just enough to keep an orgasm on edge. It is the best torment ever. I so enjoy keeping subs on the edge.
Miss Aayden's Final Note: The Nona make my grade for many reasons. One is I am just impressed with the quality of the materials and the thought put into the making of Nona. Companies that understand quality, discreet shipping and great customer service and the information that came in the packaging was very clear and easy to read. Although I never recommend electrical toys play to beginners, if you are new the insert is clear and concise. 


I would recommend Electrastim. In buying sex toys, it is so important to buy quality and from companies that care. After all these types of toys are meant to be used in intimate ways and come into direct contact with sensitive areas. Its important to know what you are putting in your body and Nona is made of  100% Platinum Cured Silicone.  Fancy words for near medical grade silicone. This is something you want.


I am so happy with the versatile Nona as it is a  P-spot and G-spot toy. The base of Nona makes for great for anal play too as the design of the flare is comfortable. You will not be sorry adding the Nona to your toy box.



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