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May 13, 2019

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Review: Rippler Mini

July 23, 2015

The Rippler Mini by Pleasure Works got my attention on Good Vibrations web site. Three things drew my attention to this curious little toy. One was the size, I love toys that are proportionate. Two was the shape, at first glance it looked like a subtle corkscrew; hence the name. Third was the color, not sorry about that I happen to love the teal. So the Rippler Mini made my list of please can I try it.


This product was provided to me by Good Vibrations for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 

5 ½” x 1 5/8” 


The Pro Side: 

100% Silicone

Package is Recyclable


Dishwasher safe


Comes with a Bullet for vibration

Harness Compatible

G-spot Curve

P-spot Curve

Safe for anal play

Packaging is informational 

Can use any bullet vibrator with the Rippler Mini


The Con Side:

Bullet is finicky ( perhaps its just the one I got)

The bullet gets stuck in the end of the dildo 



My Personal Experience: The Rippler Mini is a toy that creates anything but a mini sensation. This toy is great in solo play. It was very easy to insert vaginally. The ripple texture made this a really great joy to play with. The top of the Rippler Mini starts nice and compact and then flares wider towards the base. This one little design feature makes this toy a great one for beginners but the ripple texture is going to be the feature that wins over the more adventurous toy user.


The ripples on this toy keep the sensations going vaginally and it was a hit and miss for my g-spot. Though don’t let that discourage you as I  am just one of those people that can find it harder to work my g-spot through to orgasm.


I love the base of the Rippler Mini as it works great with both of my strap on harnesses. It sits nicely in them and allows for good thrusting. It also allows for almost full penetration. Of course that is subject to the type of strap on harness you have but, I have two very different styles and it works well with both. I did have a small issue with the bullet vibe poking into me when wearing the Rippler Mini with a strap on. Not always comfortable. 


A submissive Experience: The subs that got to try out this toy really loved it. The progression from narrow tip to wider base means this was an instant hit. The  subtle ripples meant the boys loved it. They loved the sensation of the ripples during penetration. The Rippler Mini was a win with the vibrations for the subs as well. The bullet vibe that is supplied with the Rippler Mini is strong enough to produce a vast array of moans when the prostate is touched by this toy.


The girls all love this toy vaginally. They said over and over again that the increase in size and the subtle ripple texture made the experience perfect for them.  Though I will note that The G-spot was a hit and miss with the Rippler Mini.  I had trouble getting a G-spot orgasm out of my girls with this toy. Although many great orgasms were had. 


Miss Aayden's Final Note:  I absolutely love the Rippler Mini as a vaginal toy or anal  penetration toy for the boys. I was very disappointed with the bullet that came with this toy but the good news is, that any bullet of the same size can be used so I just substituted my own favourite one.


Another noteworthy item is that the feeling of this silicone is somewhat tacky. Its not velvet smooth. This does not make it a bad product. I only mention it because you will nee lube to use the Rippler Mini comfortably. 


In all cases where I use the Rippler Mini with other people I always boil it and use a toy cover ( similar to a condom ). 


What I love about Pleasure Works products is that the packaging is very clear on what the toy is made of, what is was designed for and the packaging is very consistent in communicating this. I also love that their packaging is designed for anyone. A person new to buying toys or a little shy would not feel bad about buying this toy. That is a very important feature to me as I know a lot of people avoid sex toys because of ‘dirty image’.


Good Vibrations has amazing staff that will always try to help you out. Weather you have questions or are just curious about a topic. Good Vibrations has some really great information on their website. This is a company  that finds the right people to work with and gain information from. They should be a go to recourse in your search for knowledge.


Good Vibrations is the always helpful, always happy company and the Rippler Mini makes the grade and will become part of my professional toy bag.



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