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May 13, 2019

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Review: G-Twist from Good Vibrations

June 12, 2015

The G-Twist by Pleasure Works is one of those understated gems. A little diamond in the rough if you will. This wonderful device came to me through Good Vibrations and it is very unexpected in the intensity. There are little ridges on the G-Twist that promise to make it good. One of the main things I noticed upon looking at was the “Made in Germany”, a big bonus as Germany regulates what materials can be used in adult toys. That means that this toy is body safe.


This product was provided to me by Good Vibrations for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 

6” x 1 1/2”


The Pro Side: 

100% Silicone

Package is Recyclable

Multi Pattern Vibrator

G-Spot Curve

Turbo Button

Button to Lessen the Vibrator Intensity

Water Resistant 


The Con Side:

Requires Batteries ( personal preference towards rechargeable)

The Core of the Vibrator ends half way through

The Silicone is Relativity Soft in Density 




My Personal Experience: The G-Twist is a very surprising toy. When this vibrator is first turned on you notice the intensity in your hand. I was able to press the buttons located on the base of the G-Twist with ease. Always a good thing. The girth of the G-Twist was quite nice as it starts with a narrow tip and flares to the widest point. I also love that this vibrator has a curved tip, great for G-Spot stimulation. There is also a special flare near the base of this unit when it is fully inserted rests against the clitoris. 


The G-Twist is great when it comes to solo play. Not only can you insert this toy but you can use it quite effectively as an external vibrator. The intensity against the skin is really amazing, forget anything involving the vagina. The best and little known erogenous zone is actually your skin. I find when self pleasuring most people skip this and it should be explored to intensify the sensations.


The G-Twist was definitely powerful enough to produce a great orgasm.  The nice little curve at the tip worked wonders in finding the elusive G-spot. I find, as most women do, it is very hard to find my G-spot let alone have an orgasm from it. It becomes a hide and seek game for me and if I am trying I can eventually find it. When I am playing for the sake of just enjoyment, I usually don’t care if I find the G-spot. 2 out of 3 times with the G-Twist was a win win. A G-spot orgasm.


Now I have to say that out of the three pulsing patterns only two were good for me. That will always be a personal choice as every body will find pleasure differently.  I absolutely love that there are 8 different vibration intensity levels. That means that you can create just the right combination for you.


I was not pleased with the first time I used this with my partner. I think its due to education. With the curved tip on the G-Twist it was very uncomfortable on insertion. So ladies if your partner uses this toy on you. Communicate! Talk to your partner to make this work. The sensations are worth it. Besides men are very visual so show them how you like to use this toy. They will not only love the show but it will make this toy fun for both of you. 


When cleaning the G-Twist, it was simple and easy. It boasts a waterproof design. But I wouldn’t trust submerging it as it has a screw apart cap to insert the batteries. It definitely is water resistant which makes cleaning easier. Always you a mild soap or a good quality toy cleaner to keep your toys in their best shape. Also remember to remove the batteries before you tuck it away. 


A submissive Experience: Using the G-Twist by Pleasure Works is a dream with submissives.  The G-Twist is definitely a vibrator geared for the female body. I have to say out of all girls there was not one that was disappointed in the G-Twist. With every single one of them I was able to bring out the orgasm I wanted of them. 


It is due to the patterns and intensities that I was able to always find the one that worked with each girl. Also don’t let the need for 4 AAA batteries deter you from the G-Twist. This vibrator goes the distance on those 4 little guys. More then likely you will tire before it stops going. I was unable to drain the batteries and it was running at one point for 1.5 hours. My girls have their stamina.  


On that note, this vibrator says it is a prostate vibrator as well. So to the test this went. I tried with several boys and it seems that  it is hit and miss. The guys that liked it, loved it, to the extreme. The guys that didn’t said it was the flared base they didn’t like. But those boys were few. There was also a love of the ridges. The boys said it made anal penetration that much better. The soft silicone was a bit too soft for applying any pressure to the prostate but the vibrations made up for this. I was able to effectively able to milk ( message) the prostate and produce ejaculate to emerge from the penis. Milking gives a pressure release without any pleasure being had. Quite an effective tool for a Domme and the G-Twist delivered. So prostate play is very viable.


Miss Aayden's Final Note: Over all the G-Twist wins as a toy that will make it into my personal toy bag. It is one that is sure to please. Weather you enjoy a gentle purr to mighty buzz this toy can be the one that goes with you. It would make a great toy to take with you on that weekend get away or a weekend at home with your lover. 


Pleasure Works does a great job at packaging as well. It is very tasteful and fully recyclable. Both winning factors for me. I absolutely love that Pleasure Works puts the key features of their toys right on the package. Its bold and clear and consistent on all of their packaging.  That’s a big selling feature for consumers. 


Also the G-Twist is body safe, Being made in Germany, they have very awesome guidelines for producing adult toys that makes them one of the best countries to buy from. So I am very pleasantly surprised to see the G-Twist coming from the US. 


The shipping was super discreet and very quick. I can not speak highly enough about Good Vibrations. If I received this level of service I am sure customers do too and their staff is super friendly. I also love that they have a blog that Is a great resource full of information. 


Over all the G-Twist is a win for me.




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