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Are Labels Effective? A Push for Anti-Label Culture.

May 13, 2019

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Fringe Fetishes

June 3, 2015

Fringe Fetishes  are the ones you don’t normally think of when you think BDSM. When daydreaming about BDSM you are often drawn to the stereo typical leather clad submissive, ropes and chains. Perhaps a collar and cuffs. To many that is their ideal and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s extremely sexy. But to some, being thought of as a child or domesticated animal is their avenue of submissive escape.


This is in no way the be all that ends all guide but, this is an introduction into some of the fringe fetishes and how they tie into BDSM.



So lets define these:


Furry Play: Think of a furry looking like this…. A human looking body in all accounts, an animal head, a tail. And all the fur and color markings of that animal. That is a furry. A human animal mix that can be quite fun.  Due to the fact that a furry has a distinct human featured body means that you can play around with BDSM easily and it uses some of the same BDSM gear that a non furry player would.


Adult Baby ( AB ): This is where a grown adult will role play a baby. Generally you will take on the role of a 10 month old to 18 month old child. It is very well to note that you do not need to explore the gender you are assigned. If you are a male you can be an adult baby girl. It is something that falls in the norm of this category. In studies that have been done it was found that most adult babies are males that like this type of play. 


You would think that this is hard to associate with BDSM but in all reality it is not so hard. You find crossovers in rubber and latex wear. Instead of a ball gag you may find a pacifier that has locking straps on it. Instead of using bondage straps you may you cotton blankets to swaddle and restrain. The cross over happens when you take the BDSM elements and turn them into a theme.


Age Play: Now a lot of people group adult baby in with age play and its simply not the case. Age play involves less baby and more child. Typically you will find an age player acting out a 2 year old all the way up to a 16 year old. This can be a fun range of play as well. Again taking elements from BDSM and altering them to fit. Examples can be Corner time or time outs. Allowing a favourite treat as a reward for completing a task. These are all elements rooted in BDSM and in age play.


Pet Play ( Puppy, Kitty, Bunny ) : This form of BDSM Play involves domesticated animal play. Often creating an air of a beloved companion. Pet Play requires the submissive to take the role of an animal they identify with and assume all the attributes of an animal. 


Many BDSM features can be changed for pet play. Cages become kennels. A dog bone becomes a gag and a butt plug becomes their tail. All features borrowed from typical BDSM play.


Pony Play: Simply combines  BDSM and equine ( horses) Into a type of play that has some horse traits preformed with human abilities and human players. In this type of play its typically the horse gear is transformed into BDSM human wear. Bridles and Bits are retrofitted to conform to the human body.


What do all these fringe BDSM types of play have in common?


  • Loss of submissive control

  • Humiliation

  • Dom/mes have more responsibility

  • Sub can fid zones similar to sub space

  • Deep power exchange

  • Loss of humanity


While these are wonderful types of play. That is exactly what they are. Sexual play between adults. None of this condones illegal activity in anyway. Also the principals of the Kink and BDSM communities still follow suit and those rules still apply.


If this little intro has sparked your interest please look at these resources to find more in depth information. -


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