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Are Labels Effective? A Push for Anti-Label Culture.

May 13, 2019

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Kudos to Tantus

May 12, 2015

It is very rare that I see a company go above and beyond in this day of computer tech and online shopping. It seems we are all to remain nameless, faceless creatures that are only the numbers on our credit cards. But then all it takes is one person to step up to make an impact.


Many months ago, I started looking for good quality products to endorse on my site/blog. As a presenter and teacher of workshops I field endless questions on what products I would recommend. I found Tantus. I purchased my first product from them well before this exchange and sought them out because they offer good quality for your money. 


When I first applied to work with them, I was told I needed to make sales before I could write reviews for them. So I did my best, always keeping them in the forefront and banners on high traffic pages. But no way, there were no sales through the links on my site. It didn't turn me away. I just didn't get to review for them. 




One fateful day I got a wonderful e-mail from a girl named Jessi. Asking if I was interested in finally reviewing items. Just 4 days later and I had my box of goodies.


The very first review I did is posted, Tantus Splish. I loved the item but there were some issues. Air bubbles and  trimming from the moulding process was not up to the standard of Tantus. I had in my own collection, some of their toys so I knew what to expect. 


Now, don't get me wrong, the little Splish is an amazing toy and worked liked a charm for it's small size. 


Well this week, in my second shipment. I ordered 3 products...and received a box full of goodies. Look for those reviews to come, my dears. What was inside that was to my delight, was a wonderful note and a present. 



The note said...


"Miss Aayden,

           Thanks so much for your honest reviews. I've included our new Splash in Peacock Blue. We've changed the color to lessen our air bubbles and increased our quality controls so all of our Splash are the best ones we can make. Please enjoy the new Splash. Thanks for helping us make our products better!



Not only did the note make my day. But I was delighted that they took my review to heart.  Now the note mentioned the Splash. The Spash is Splishes big brother. Identical toys just one is big and one is little. But the problem has been fixed. Look for a full review of my Splash coming soon.


For the rest of you, take heart, companies do listen to your feed back. Tantus has gone above and beyond many companies I work with and I would definitely suggest them and their products to anyone. 


There may come a day that I don't like one of their products, but if they keep up this service, then they will always remain high on my list. If a reviewer gets this service, I truly believe that the customers that pay for their product get the same quality experience. Please consider Tantus for your Kink (and vanilla) adult toys.








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