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May 13, 2019

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Review: Tantus Splish Dual Tone Plug

May 11, 2015

UPDATE: Please read the update at the bottom. Orginally posted April 2, 2015


I was contacted by a wonderful lady working for Tantus. She didn't notice any reviews on my site for them. Well in short order we have fixed that. Here is the first review in many to come for them. I believe in their product or I would not have their banners on my site. Please click on the banners to take you to their awesome array for wares.


As always, this product was recieved from Tantus for free for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 

Diameter: 1" 
Length: 4.5"


The Pro Side: 

  • 100% Silicone

  • Water Proof

  • Harness Compatiable

  • Tasteful Packaging

  • Package can be Recycled

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Can be Boiled

  • Good for a beginner

  • Body Safe/Non Toxic

  • Absolutely No Oder

  • Textured Surface

  • P-Spot and G-Spot targeted


The Con Side:

  • Slightly small for a harness

  • The base has air bubbles - UPDATE

  • The cleaning of the base from the moulding process is rough - UPDATE




My Personal Experience: The packaging of the Splish was very nice. There is something to be said about a company that puts effort into the design of the outter packaging. It is something very off putting, when I recieve a product and it has a trashy image of a girl on it even though the product is designed for a girl, sex companies get it wrong and market visually for the man. Tantus is the exception to this rule.


The Splish is soft and supple. Something I like in my toys. It has a rounded tip and wide, rounded base. Perfect for anal play. I did notice in the base of this toy there are some air bubbles. I can assue you from having used Tantus toys before this is an exception. Thier quality control is consistant. So if you play with a silicone toy that has an air bubble make sure you pay special attention to the cleaning as this is a place that will harbor bacteria.


Playing with the Splish vaginally felt really good. I personally do not like toys that are too long but what got me is this toy makes a great g-spot probe. Yes ladies if you like that g-spot massaged gently the curve to this toy is just right. The raised texture of the Splish also feels amazing.


What I like in my toys is that they have a dual purpose. The Splish by Tantus comes through in that department too. Anal play is a dream. Insertion is easy. Not painful at all. I am not an avid anal player ( recieving ) but the Splish was very nice to use. I can see this working nicely on men for their p-spot. I could sit with it fully inserted but I will say that the Splish is not designed for extended wear. The base is not designed to fit between the cheeks.


A submissive Experience: Being a Pro Domme comes in handy when I need to test toys and the Splish was on the list. Any toys I play with that are insertable are first tested and played with by my personal boys and girls. If we don't like them on a whole then the toys will then be of use professionally, as toys will always work for someone. 


My one boy felt the Splish was rather small for anal play, for him, but did like that I could use it with a harness. He also noted that it felt really good for p-spot message. The curve was just right to stimulate the p-spot nicely. The raised surface could also be felt through a toy cover. Toy covers can be used with all materials and look like condoms but are safe for all material types. Highly reccomend these to any one that share their toys.


My second boy loved the Splish as he is just new to anal play and like me the insertion was nice. Not painful at all. The raised texture kept the sensations vivid. He is still learning the p-spot pleasures but I could tell when he was enjoying the curve of the Splish.


Miss Aayden's Final Note: The Splish by Tantus was a very nice suprise that has made the cut to my personal ( rather then professional ) toy bag. The multi function of this toy is incrediable. One toy that has 3 uses is a plus, in my books. G-spot, P-spot and strap on harness compatiable. Please be careful with lubes and silicone. I only use Spunk Lube in all my tests.


I am really impressed with Tantus' shipping. The box was discreet. The items secure in the box. They didn't shake or rattle. All the product boxes I recieved were all in tact. I am very surprised by how discreet and fast they were at sending this package.  I live in Canada and this was shipped from the U.S. with only 4 days to reach me.  I highly reccomend you order from Tantus, you will not be disappointed.


The Splish for a small and unassuming toy really surprised me. The Splish, as it says, is a warm up toy or a beginner toy. Do not buy this if you are an experianced anal player or like really big things for sexual play. Know what you are buying  and you won't be disappointed. The Splish makes my recommended list.


UPDATE: I recieved this note in a shipment from Tantus. "I've included our new Splash ( Same as the Splish - Just Larger) in Peacock Blue. We've changed our color to lessen our air bubbles and increased our quality controls so all of our Splash are the best ones we can make" 


This to me is the best example of a company that cares. I found an issue and one that my subs also noted and it was addressed. I am more and more impressed with Tantus and everyone I get to work with there. Tantus is a company that stands behind their product so you know you are getting the very best with their stuff and they listen to you. A valuable trait in a faceless world. 


The new color is really nice and best of all there are no air bubbles and the cleaning of the base is back to the same high standards they have always been. Go Tantus!






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