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May 13, 2019

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Review: Tantus Goddess Handle

May 5, 2015


The Goddess Handle by Tantus was one of those toys that is startling on first glance. It's the length of this insertable that makes you go hrmmmm. It's when you take a closer look that you actually see the handle. The next thought that comes to mind is well, that's awesome. I don't know how many times you have this awesome insertable and your playing with it, solo or with a partner, and then your forced into playing human twister or you lose rhythm because hanging onto the darn thing is so much fun.


Let's put the Goddess Handle by Tantus to the test.


This product was provided to me by Tantus for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 


Diameter: 1.5" 

Length: 6.5"


The Pro Side: 

100% Silicone

Package is recyclable

Dishwasher Safe

Can be Boiled

Body Safe

Easy to clean


Has a handle

The intertable end is silky smooth

Brushed/textured handle

Ridged for pleasure


The Con Side:

The head is quite bulbous

The head also has a split ridge for sensation, not comfortable for everyone




My Personal Experience: The Goddess Handle by Tantus is one of those you have to try it to love it deals. As a personal toy, I love that it had a handle. That extra holding area meant I was able to relax and enjoy rather then twist into an uncomfortable position. This meant I had super control. I am one of those odd people that, its not so much about movement but more of being full. The Goddess Handle worked well for this.


If you love G-spot play then I have to say that this is the perfect firmness to tickle that spot. It's not a weighty toy so G-spot play requires a bit of motion but the head of the Goddess Handle can be worked to stroke the G-spot into bliss.


I must say that even when allowing my partner to use it on me, the Goddess Handle works like a charm. Just an FYI guys, you do not need to thrust so hard that you mimic a well machined piston. Slow and gentle, if you have a girl that likes the rougher side of it, go fast but watch how deep you are going. Some of us ladies have sensitive cervixes and its not the good pain, fellas.


Using the Goddess Handle on my partner because yes, there are men that enjoy anal penetration, was amazing. For the most part, it was a very comfortable indentation. The split ridge in the head was a hit or miss going in but it helped me hit his P-spot. The handle is an amazing feature as sometimes anal play is not the intent and stopping play to get into a harness is a buzz kill. Being able to just grab the Goddess Handle and keep it all going was a big bonus.


Now on to the professional side. When I do use a toy in a professional session, all of them are sanitized in-between clients and of course all have toy covers ( similar to condoms). I rarely use insertables in my pro domme sessions but I do for long term clients. In the case of the Goddess Handle I boiled in between clients.


Its important to note that before I write a review, my toys are tested with at least 10 people. This gives me a very broad view of the toy. This being the case, The experienced subs, the ones that dive into anal play, really liked the Goddess handle. For me, it was again the control the handle affords and the fact that I don't have to stop the momentum of the scene to switch it up and start in on anal play. Trust me an amazing feature, when you are on a time limit ( and most professional sessions are).




A submissive Experience:   The Goodness Handle proved itself time and time again. This is a valuable toy to have in a professional toy box. Quite a few of my male subs enjoyed the Goddess Handle The only re visited complaint was the moulded ridge in the head made for an uncomfortable insertion in most cases. 


However, once inserted the subs loved the Goddess Handle and had them begging. Without fail the firmness of the silicone made that elusive P-spot fun to play with. The sounds are the best part for me and this toy hit home in delivering the sounds. Over all, the subs said it was very comfortable and not too large at all.  I never used the full insertable length as I didn't find I needed too. 


Of the subs that were lucky enough to receive this toy as part of their play only the size queens ( the ones that like large anal toys) were the ones to gripe. Of that I am not ashamed as I got to punish them for their complaints.


Using the toy vaginally for the females made so much sense for me. I was able to use the handle to tie it in place. Just another form of play and all in a days work. I really like the versatility of the Goddess Handle with female subs, means you have something that penetrates vaginally, anally and can be held in place. That shock factor I spoke of, was great as the subs didn't know about the handle. They just saw the really long toy and my devious smile.


Miss Aayden's Final Note: The final take on the Goddess Handle...I think this is one of the best toy innovations I have come across. A handle, who knew, that such a simple addition can make all the difference in a toy. The Goddess Handle has made my personal cut into my Professional toy box for its ease of use and control. 


I strongly suggest you play around with this toy because once the head of this toy is inserted it becomes something of bliss to play with. I also love toys that can be used in multiple ways. The Goddess Handle is excellent for G-spot stimulation, P-spot stimulation and an excellent thrusting toy. I like the ability to have one toy that offers options.


Great packaging that is easy to dispose of so one knows what you bought. Tantus really holds their own in their design and quality controls. But with any product you receive check it out, if you notice any air bubbles pay close attention to cleaning. In testing this toy I use Spunk Lube, its a hybrid lube that is safe for all material types. It is the only one I use. 


Tantus should be considered a staple in the kink communities as well as the vanilla ones. Great work guys.





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