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May 13, 2019

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Review: Thwack Paddle by Tantus

April 17, 2015


The Thwack Paddle by Tantus was sent to me from request. I was curious as to how it would feel to use. As being a Pro Domme, being able to have effective toys that are easy to clean are manditory. So at first glance, this seemed to fit the bill, let's test that.


This product was provided to me by Tantus for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters: 


Diameter: 1.75" 
Length: 6.5"


The Pro Side: 

  • 100% Silicone
  • Package is recycable

  • Dishwaser Safe

  • Can be Boiled

  • Body Safe

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to hold for both Large and small hands


The Con Side:

  • Not a even balance



My Personal Experience: Since I am not the spankee in this equation. My personal experiance is from the user point of view. The Thwack feels nice in your hand. It does accomidate my small hands. I did test this with a friend as well who, being male, has larger hands. It was a nice hold for him as well. My first thought was this is flimsy as the paddle flops over when you hold it straight up  but those are the properties of silicone and I was mistaken. The Thwack dilivers every bit the bang for your buck. The end result is many ouches and lots of cuss words. 


The Thwack paddle by Tantus is very easy to handle. With minimal effort I was able to deliver quite the effective swing. Yet if I put force into it, it brought a man to his knees every time. And like the name suggests the sound is heavenily as it meets tender skin.


A submissive Experience:  Of all the subjects (submissives), I ran into a simliar thing. That really hurts. Of the boys that liked it were the ones that love pain. There is a heavy sting to this paddle. And it has the capibility to leave marks. With very little effort I was able to pink their skin.


I gave a gentle tap to one boy who jumped and safeworded. He did not like this paddle at all. One kept saying ouch and I love the warm bottom that came of it. Though he was very much a gentle player. I also had the great experiance of playing with a heavy submissive and the Thwack paddle was a dream. Very little effort and I was able to get him to squirm. His remark of the Thwack was for the sound and first part of the impact it sounded heavy and felt it. But any repeated smacks caused the sting. Something that plays in the mind of a sub. 


Of the 10 or so boys this was used on 8 had very good things to say. The 2 in question are not into this type of play for their sexual perversion.


Miss Aayden's Final Note: Tantus has a quality about their toys that is hard to beat and the Thwack paddle is no exception. It made of a high grade silicone that is silky smooth to the touch, its so easy to clean between uses and feels great in hand. The Thwack is easy to swing, doesnt require alot of effort to use. The Thwack is very visually appealing as well. It hints at intimidation, great for messing with their minds. 


The Thwack paddle has made my personal list of reccomendations. It is a toy that should be part of your toy bag or tickle trunk. Thanks Tantus for keeping the kink community in mind when making your toys.




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