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May 13, 2019

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Review: Tsubaki Wax by Haven Kink

April 9, 2015

This product came to me from a friend. After many years in the kink scene and given what I do for work. I am always looking for better ways to clean and nourish my leather and rope goods. Mine tend to see more wear then you find in an ordinary couples play. 


So without further adue...Tsubaki Wax and what its used for.


This product was provided to me by Haven Kink for free, for an unbiased review. 


The Size Matters and Ingrediants Matter: 


Cold Pressed Camellia Oil

Filtered Beeswax


The Pro Side: 

  • 100% Natural

  • Package is re-useable

  • No added colors or scents

  • For use on rope and leather

  • Use on skin


The Con Side:

  • Little hard to access the product

  • Does not absorb fast. 





My Personal Experience: What first drew me to Tsubaki Wax is the guy that makes it was telling me about a lady that has used this with great sucess on her very large strech marks. Now any one that knows me personally knows two things. I love products with multipal uses and I have never gone to the beach without a wrap. I don't mind that I gave up beautiful skin for my children but, like many I am self consious.


This is what piqued my interest but the intended purpose of Tsubaki Wax is the care and hydration of rope and natural hides. So begins my adventure...


I used it on my jute rope to soften it as I was taught by Haven Kink. It reallly is amazing for such use. It softens the rope over time and I love that, as I am all about the soft. I have since taught my boys how to do this as that is a job I can pass to them. I do enjoy doing things to test products but over


The rope smells amazing and every time I use it it re activates the conditioner.


Now on to leather. It is also a great cleaner of leather and hydrator. I had a beautiful collar given to me ( yes Dommes can wear them too ). This collar was in rough shape, the leather was dry, there was dust from sitting and there was dirt on the inside from the previous owner. I took a generous amout of the wax and applied it to bothe the inside ond out side of the collar. Rubbing it with paper towel I was able to get the dirt off. I reapplied some wax on the clean product and left it sit for  a few hours. When I came back to it, with a clean cotton cloth, I removed any excess oil ( there wasn't much left ). The collar looks brand new and I have since done this to my other leather goods.


The last use. I put Tsubaki Wax to the test. On my own skin. I live in Alberta and Western Canada is sooooooo dry. I feel it everywhere. Hands face feet. My appearance is my job so I used this product on my face. No more red blotchy skin. My skin on my hands is softer and looks younger. And my feet are soft and supple, great for kissing now. As for the strech marks. Mine are still here, maybe it wont work with older ones. I am stull applying the Tsubaki Wax and will update as time goes on. 


A submissive Experience: Now my boys have no real use in the first testings, but I have got them to treat rope and clean leather.


Their resounding remark was it's so gressy...but my hands feel amazing.


Miss Aayden's Final Note: This is a wonder pruduct. The uses are endless. From human hide to leather hides. It nourishes and hydrates. For natural fiber ropes its amazing too. I reccomend this product to anyone that buys a Haven Kink product. 


Please be aware that as my boys have stated, the product is gressy, it takes time to absorb. So don't use it and expect to use the toy right away and don't use it on your face before a night on the town.


**Please look for future updates**






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