AboutMe MissAayden 

Of course you want to know about me.
I love me and you will too....

I have a vast love of anything sensual. Kink in all it forms is the art of enticing the senses. Creating that shiver, those goosebumps or that moan. Kink is an expression of sexuality in its rawest form.  I truly enjoy teaching couples and groups how to do the things I have learned. Come share with me.

My two favorite styles?


  • The Princess: I love to be spoiled and worshiped. The service submissive boys will love and appreciate this piece of me.

  • The Strict Domme: I love this side of me. The punishment, the inflicted pain, the sounds of a submissive struggling with pain or intense pleasure. It's time for you to be used for my pleasure. Enjoy pain, objectification, tease and denial? Then you will enjoy this side of me.


Am I seeing anyone?


I get asked this a lot and the answer is always the same. The answer is not for the public. There are many sides to me and you get to see this one.




I do not and will not sell sex. I do not peddle sex. I will not have sex with you. I offer D/s services only.  If you want a spanking, tied up and teased, candle wax dripped all over you, I am the one you see. I adore all things kink and would love to share them with you. If you want emotional or sexual connection of this type I am not for you.


What the heck is a Pre - Screen?


I insist on meeting you for coffee before we go any further. I often get asked if this really needs to happen and the answer is...YES! Meeting allows me to learn about your experiences and how far you have come. It lets us put limits on what you want, talk about safe words and understand each other.


There is a 50.00 dollar fee for a pre - screen. It shows me you are serious and understand my time is valuable. If for some reason you decide to not meet, even if its 5 minutes before please tell me. E-mail, fetlife, onsite, twitter - all are good.

What do I offer besides self discovery sessions?


  • I teach BDSM/Kink topics in Workshops

  • I am partnered with quality brands for toys at a discount

  • I blog about sex and the issues surrounding it

  • I am a sex toy reviewer

  • I host events

  • I present sexuality workshops

  • I will help you explore this type of sexuality with your partner.

  • I can be booked for private educational sessions as well as self discovery sessions



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